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Voluntary Action Sheffield Race & Governance in Sheffield

Voluntary Action Sheffield invites chairs and CEOs to join a digital, action-led conference focusing on bringing racial equity to governance in Sheffield.

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Shane Rounce (Unsplash)

On Wednesday 31 March, Voluntary Action Sheffield (VAS) and South Yorkshire Housing Association will come together to host an 'action-led' conference for CEOs and Chairs focusing on race in Sheffield’s governance and decision-making structures.

Chaired by Auriel Majumdar, keynote speaker Dr Karl George will introduce ‘The Race Code 2020’, drawing recommendations from the wealth of past reports into one place.

Following on from the keynote, Robert Cotterell (Chair of SADACCA) will host an in conversation and Q&A with local charities and non-profits sharing their experiences.

The last year has brought issues of equity, and particularly racial equity, into even sharper focus, both within society at large and in Sheffield. Addressing race equality at a city leadership level is a moral and organisational imperative that can be addressed through equality in governance positions across the private, public and third sectors.

CEOs and Chairs have the power and privilege to choose how and whom they appoint. In the past that has meant 80% of roles have not been advertised and only around 6% of trustees are people of colour - not even close to representing the population of Sheffield. This can - and must - be changed.Those in positions of power can open up governance positions to ensure decisions are made by people who reflect the diversity of Sheffield.

The code clarifies how to create transformational, sustainable and lasting change, with 'Must', 'Should' and 'Could' recommendations for action.

Sheffield charities and not-for-profits who have started this journey will share their experiences of developing replicable programmes to develop the leadership pipeline successfully and approaches to diversify their trustees and governance structures.

If you want to be part of this change agenda and want to know how you can act now to bring about racial equity to governance in Sheffield, you’re invited to join this digital conference on 31 March between 11am and 1pm to explore these issues pragmatically.

Register for this event via Eventbrite.

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