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Underdog Unity: Charity sets up initiative to help dog-owners in need during COVID-19 breakout

UK-registered charity Underdog International have set up an initiative which redeploys their volunteers and resources to support dog-owners in need due to the impacts of the coronavirus.

by Now Then Sheffield
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The initiative, called Underdog Unity, is a network of volunteers across the UK who can be matched with people who need help caring for their dog - whether that be walking their dog, shopping for food and supplies, taking dogs to the vets and even caring for the dogs for extended periods in their own homes.

All Underdog Unity volunteers are vetted and have received guidance and training to ensure they understand the responsibility of their role in looking after someone else's dog. Many volunteers are dog behaviourists or dog walkers by trade, and all others have experience with looking after their own dogs.

If you have experience with dogs, whether that be professionally or personally, and would like to volunteer, you can register.

If you are in need of help with your dog, you can call 020 8050 4292, email or register.

Find out more about Underdog International here

by Now Then Sheffield
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