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Time For Brunch

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Cafe culture is very much on the up, so going for brunch has become a popular choice to bookend your working week, taking advantage of the free time to catch up and enjoy the papers alongside great food.

According to a recent survey by Beacon, one in seven people eat breakfast out every single day. There is an abundance of top-notch joints for you to get your brunch fix in Sheffield, ranging from a Full English with a pot of tea to a flat white with avocado and eggs on sourdough. We all have our favourites, from the sweet to the savoury, the healthy to the indulgent.

You won't have to travel far, as somewhere near you will offer a brunch menu. It's been a challenge to keep the list concise here, because there are so many options, so apologies if your favourite isn't listed.

Street Food Chef have their breakfast burrito, which you can get 'fully loaded' with streaky bacon, black beans, egg, fried potatoes, lettuce, Monterey Jack cheese, sour cream and pico de gallo salsa. Alternatively, get a taste of Kiwi culture at Tamper Seller's Wheel on Arundel Street. They recently made The Guardian's top 50 breakfast places in the UK. You can satisfy your sweet tooth with their decadent banoffee french toast - chocolate-stuffed brioche with banana fritter, caramel sauce, dark chocolate mascarpone, toasted nuts and banana shards.

You can get cosy Canadian-style at The Cabin on Fitzwilliam Gate and grab yourself a stack of waffles drizzled with maple syrup, nutella and banana. There's the fabulous Hidden Gem Cafe, just off Ringinglow Road, where you can go veggie with a plateful of sautéed mushrooms, asparagus, spinach, chard, tomato, grilled halloumi, fried egg and toasted focaccia.

The Holt on Arundel Street have just launched their brunch menu. Expect Eggs Benedict and Welsh Rarebit, as well as specials. The veggie options include their handmade tofu sausages with their own vegan mayo, fried onions and homemade ketchup, served on bread from Gerry's Bakery.

Whirlow Hall Farm have their Big Whirlow, which showcases their own produce - dry cured bacon, sausages, free range eggs, black pudding, roasted tomatoes, mushrooms and toast. In Walkley, you'll find Joni's offering attractively presented plates of crushed avocado, tomatoes, smoked paprika, fried egg and chilli jam, as well as home-smoked salmon served with soft cheese and tomatoes on toast.

At Ella's on Ecclesall Road, you can tuck into a vegetarian brunch of fried halloumi, tomato, avocado, mushrooms and poached eggs with ciabatta. The brunch club at Homemade by Thelma's in Nether Edge happens on the first Sunday of every month, offering pastries, fruit and dishes of the day, like toasted banana bread with ice cream and walnut toffee sauce.

There's a taste of Spain at HowSt on Howard Road with their Andalusian hash, made with sauteed potatoes, aubergine, tomato, mushrooms and red pepper, topped with melted cheese and a fried egg.

The ROCO on Glossop Road offer brunch on Saturdays with the options including maple-cured bacon, avocado ribbons and heritage tomatoes, as well as poached eggs with wild mushrooms, spinach, preserved lemon and burnt butter yogurt with sourdough. If you love coffee, then get your fix at Upshot Espresso and go for the raspberry and white chocolate matcha pancakes.

There are plenty of others in the city to choose from, including, but certainly not limited to, Made by Jonty, Depot Bakery, The Grind Cafe and The Rude Shipyard.

Check out our featured brunch spots from the Scandi-influenced Brocco on the Park, beer-infused dishes from Sentinel Brewhouse and Greek-influenced classics at Alyssum.

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Brunch Venues

Alyssum Cafe Bistro

76 Barber Road, S10 1EE @Alyssumcafe

Favourite brunch dish? Smashed avocado & poached eggs. Avocado on sourdough toast, drizzled with basil pesto, topped with free-range poached eggs and perfectly griddled halloumi.

Why? It's the ultimate combination of flavours and a bestseller in our bistro.

Drink? Got to be a flat white.

Sentinal Brewing Co

178 Shoreham Street, S1 4SQ @sentinelbrew

Favourite brunch dish? Brewer's Breakfast, with sweet-cure Moss Valley bacon, pork & 'Sentinel SB' ale sausages, Louro Deli (Portuguese) black pudding, Whirlow Hall Farm eggs, our own baked beans and freshly-made beer bread.

Why? It showcases the quality local produce we use from our Sheffield suppliers, together with the customary Sentinel beery tweaks.

Drink? Cafeology coffee and tea, or pair it with the Sentinel SBB, a full-flavoured take on best bitter, perfect with breakfast, with a hint of spicy rye and herbal hops.

Brocco on the Park

92 Brocco Bank, S11 8RS @broccosheffield

Favourite brunch dish? Our favourite dish is from the 'Eat Well' part of our breakfast menu: smashed avocado with tomato and poached eggs on wholemeal toast.

Why? It's colourful, good for you and keeps you full all morning.

Drink? Our Very Berry smoothie to get all of your superfoods, although maybe I'd prefer my berries in a bellini...

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