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Theo Simpson: That's a lot of pylons

More photography this month from local snapper Theo Simpson. Fresh from running courses in self-publishing, we've managed to tie him down for this month's artist feature. A good chunk of these images have not been published elsewhere. Theo shoots in series, photos that lead on and add to each other, and we've got a few on offer in this feature. [imagebrowser id=12] Eight - Documentation of a minor obsession with pylons, their structure and history. A pictorial homage to the structural architect Sir Reginald Blomfield who orchestrated, designed and selected the initial transmission towers for the UK. Almost Forgotten - A set of images taken in Fox Hill, documenting a young man from Hillsborough and his general lack of opportunities, set against one of my favourite bits of inner city Sheffield, Fox Hill. What We Buy - Eight images of utterly banal products that our modern civilisation has chosen to produce that can be purchased for under one pound. Shot in flawlessly sarcastic product photography - more on p. 39. Photography as an art form has to be approached with the correct intention right from the start - a clear objective and purpose to what needs to be conveyed to the viewer. This purpose carries through to his beautiful self-published work, printed to the highest quality. The finish is dependent on what suits the project - from the traditional silver gelatine print to offset, letterpress and screenprint - from grime, grain and deliberate dirt to flawless production. What I like most about Theo's work is that you can generally hear his brain working. Shot with due care and attention, the audience is left to work out their own conclusions along a meticulously constructed path created by the artist. )

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