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The Incomplete Guide to Decision Making

The first thing you have to remember is that you can always say NO. But of course, people do sometimes say YES because they are in need of excitement, adventure, love and understanding. Some say YES because they are greedy or seeking compliments, reassurance and are also scared what will happen if they say NO. Some people say NO because they know what they want and they know that whatever is being offered is probably shit or of little use to them. Of course some people say NO because they don't want excitement or adventure or love and understanding or maybe they are scared of what will happen if they say YES and quite possibly don't want to spend any money which they believe is being careful but really it's the same as being greedy without being obvious. They are not looking for compliments although sometimes a compliment can make them say YES. The ones who say MAYBE are the worst ones. The ones who say YES tend to like the ones who say MAYBE as they know from experience this person is malleable and is easy to convince, persuade, cajole and can usually be taken for a long ride around the houses whilst being simultaneously relieved of cash, secrets, underwear etc. The ones who say NO tend to like the people who say I DON'T KNOW as this makes them appear strong and have firm decision making skills although the ones who say I DON'T KNOW usually benefit from watching others make mistakes and thus learn an important lesson about life and that is that no one really knows what they are doing or why, at least sometimes, probably... I DON'T KNOW.

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