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The Day Shall Come: Q&A with Chris Morris at The Showroom

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A new film from Chris Morris is being screened at The Showroom, followed by a rare Q&A with the director.

The Day Shall Come looks at how the FBI has fabricated terrorist threats in post-9/11 America.

Based on "a hundred true stories", the film follows Moses, an eccentric Miami preacher whose vague dreams of revolution are egged on by FBI informants.

It's partly inspired by the 2006 case of the Liberty City Seven, a group arrested after allegedly planning an attack in Chicago. FBI agents posing as Al-Qaida members infiltrated the cult-like group, based in a poor suburb of Miami.

Five members of the group received lengthy jail sentences, despite prosecutors admitting that the plot was "more aspirational than operational." The case raised questions over the extent to which the FBI encourages terrorist plots to justify the agency's existence.

Previous television work by Morris includes The Day Today, Nathan Barley and Brass Eye. More recently Morris has turned to filmmaking, with 2010 terrorist comedy Four Lions set and shot in Sheffield.

The Showroom will screen The Day Shall Come followed by a Q&A with director Chris Morris at 6pm on Tuesday 29 October.

by Sam Gregory (he/him)

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