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The Circular Economy: Event explores re-use to tackle climate change

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A Festival of Debate event will look at how building a circular economy can help tackle climate change.

'But raiding the Earth is free?' will include speakers such as Wakefield MP Mary Creagh and Maya de Souza, Head of Circular Economy Policy at DEFRA.

"A circular economy is a regenerative system which rebuilds on itself," event organisers Reena and Martin told Now Then. "Current product consumption tends to follow a trend of taking resources, using them and then disposing of them.

"A circular economy aims at keeping materials in use for longer while eliminating waste from the consumption cycle altogether by reusing, recycling or repairing the products and resources."

The free event on 16 May at the Hicks Building will also feature a panel discussion with experts from the University of Sheffield.

The government has failed to act against our single-use throwaway culture

"The discussion will be looking at why a circular economy is important, what challenges are associated with implementing it and whether it is the best solution in every case," said Reena and Martin.

The event is being hosted by the University's Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures.

Reena added that she hopes the event will explain to attendees how they can contribute to building a circular economy. "In simpler terms, people will get to know the importance of reuse and its evidential potential in creating a circular economy," she said.

"[The circular economy] also helps us understand the intermediate measures we take and how even the smallest contributions matter at a larger scale," she continued.

"The most common perception of 'what difference will one single-use cup make when everybody is throwing a chunk of garbage' will be challenged."

The event is part of the Our Planet strand of the Festival of Debate, which is sponsored by Regather and Sheffield Climate Alliance.

Another organiser of the event, Rohit Chakraborty, said that politicians could do more about plastic waste.

"I think the government has failed to act against our single-use throwaway culture," he said. "Instead they promote it to earn billions of pounds every year at the cost of the climate.

"Labour MP Mary Creagh, one of our speakers on the panel, would like to discuss the current strategies and why they are not sufficient."

Sam Gregory


Tickets via Eventbrite (free)

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Photo by Jonathan Chng on Unsplash

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