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by Now Then Sheffield

We experiment with flavours and combinations to keep our range interesting and innovative. When we’ve created flavours like lime & basil, matcha & white chocolate or black cherry & liquorice macaron, we found that it is all about subtlety and balance.

For us, the current favourite is our raspberry and white chocolate éclair. Light with slightly crisp choux pastry, it’s filled with white chocolate cream and topped with raspberries.


Usually I'm influenced by the seasons. There will be an initial idea based on a fruit, spice or alcohol that I associate with that time of the year. Then I’ll combine this with other flavours that I imagine will go well with this.

My favourite creation is my white chocolate with a smooth zesty lemon ganache. I use lemon zest and some limoncello to give a tangy contrast to the sweet white chocolate. I love working with chocolate.


We’re passionate about natural, raw ingredients. Our world naturally produces foods that are high in antioxidants, fibre, omega-3 and protein, so we use these foods to create our unique topping combinations. We cater for all dietary requirements, including gluten-free, dairy-free, lactose-free and soya-free.

One of my favourites is our Bee-Whiz. It has homemade raw millionaire shortbread and bee pollen, which is fascinating. I love this one because of the colours.


I love sweet desserts and I use my own personal desires in the doughnuts. I also use seasonal fruit, which determines what flavours they’ll be throughout the year. I also listen to customers. They’ll often ask if I can make a doughnut using their favourite flavours.

My favourites are raspberry ripple & fresh vanilla bean cream with fresh raspberries. I can't wait for the winter doughnuts again. I loved the apple and blackberry crumble doughnuts.

by Now Then Sheffield

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