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SUTCo announces Embrace online theatre festival

Sheffield University Theatre Company’s week-long online programme is themed around national days, including World Mental Health Day, Decolonisation Day and National No Bra Day.

sutco because I'm not perfect yet rehearsal

Dress rehearsal of SUTCo's 'Because I'm Not Perfect Yet'

Sam Dangerfield

Sheffield University Theatre Company (SUTCo) has launched the programme for a new, week-long online theatre festival titled Embrace, which starts on 10 October.

Each day of the week has been given a specific theme relating to a national day and audiences are invited to submit video performances which are related to this before the festival begins.

As well as compiling and sharing the footage of your performances on each of these themes, Embrace will also deliver a series of online workshops and discussions over the course of the week. The festival hopes to provide a safe space for individuals to develop and practice their writing and improvisational skills in a supportive community of like-minded people.

Esme Constanti, Chair of SUTCo, said: “[Embrace] is such an important event and for many of our members, being creative is a wonderful outlet and coping mechanism for stress and mental health in general but particularly at a time where it is so easy to feel alone and isolated due to the pandemic.

“Hosting this event online provides a safe environment for our members and others interested in taking part to continue to explore their creativity around these themes.”

The themes for each day are:

  • 10 October: World Mental Health Day, which raises awareness of mental health issues and mobilises support efforts.
  • 11 October: National Coming Out Day, which supports members of the LGBTQ+ community who are coming out.
  • 12 October: Decolonisation Day, which recognises the consequences of colonisation and is an antidote to Columbus Day.
  • 13 October: National No Bra Day, where women forgo wearing a bra for breast cancer awareness and to raise funds.
  • 14 October: National Curves Day, which celebrates plus-sized women and men across the country.
  • 15 October: National Students Day, which recognises the diversity and cooperation of students across the world.
  • 16 October: Celebration of Literature Day, which honours literature from across the centuries.
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Tickets will be available soon, with the choice of one-day tickets or a week-long pass. Submissions and other enquiries can be sent to [email protected].

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