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Stories of Health: Sheffield is not place, it is people

by Now Then Sheffield
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From 12-25 August, a new photography exhibition will make its home in Sheffield's green and glorious Winter Garden.

A creative collaboration between Healthwatch Sheffield and respected photo and video collective Archive Sheffield, the exhibition celebrates people who are inspired to make life better for others, either through their own experience or the experience of someone close to them.

Ten Sheffielders were nominated to take part and tell their stories. Aged between 17 and 93, the nominees come from many different walks of life and are involved with a range of organisations renowned for the important work they do in the city, including SayIT, Manor & Castle Development Trust and Disability Sheffield.

The exhibition celebrates people who are inspired to make life better for others

Healthwatch Sheffield's vision is for health and social care services to be built around the views of Sheffield's people, from design to delivery.

"Our job is not to speak for people, but to contribute to a culture where people feel empowered to speak up for themselves and be confident that their views will be valued," the organisation said.

The exhibition is free to attend and a limited-edition newspaper has also been printed and will be available to take home.

Together, the exhibition and newspaper form what will be the seventh edition of Archive Sheffield's project to create photographs which depict and preserve the diversity of the city's population.

Find the Facebook event here.

Flick Jackson

by Now Then Sheffield

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