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Sheffield Wednesday: Supporter group to hand out £20,000 to local organisations in need

Any local charity, non-profit organisation or sporting club who have links with the Sheffield Wednesday community can now apply for an emergency grant from a supporter group.

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Sheffield Wednesday at Hillsborough.

Paul Holmes, chair of Wednesdayite, pledged to help out struggling groups who successfully demonstrate they need funding for a project or equipment amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"We have £20,000 available for this," he told Now Then. "I would say we will be able to support approximately 20 to 30 organisations."

"Our main goal is to distribute surplus reserves to organisations in need. We have had eight applications to date, already sent funds to two and made offers to another four."

Mr Holmes added that Wednesdayite were very careful with the process and conduct thorough checks, as they only aim to help those in need.

Now Then reached out to one of the recipients. Steve Holmes, vice-chairman of Handsworth FC, said the club had taken a massive hit since lockdown measures were implemented.

He said: "We haven't done any appeals like many clubs have as we genuinely feel supporters, friends, members and the wider community have enough to worry about with the current crisis without us asking for donations.

"We have applied for the grant because our budgeted cash flow has completely dried up and we've again been a victim of mindless vandalism, which resulted in a bill of around £1,800 to put it right.

"The Wednesdayite donation certainly helps. We need to recover the lost turnover and cash flow which is well into the five-figure range."

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