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Sheffield launches bid to host the Eurovision Song Contest

One councillor has said the city is the “natural choice” to host next year’s competition, which is expected to be held in the UK on behalf of Ukraine.

Ben miskell eurovision

Councillor Ben Miskell launching a campaign for Sheffield to host the Eurovision Song Contest.

Councillor Ben Miskell.

Sheffield has thrown its hat in the ring to host next year’s Eurovision Song Contest, which is likely to be held in the UK on behalf of this year’s winner Ukraine.

Councillor Ben Miskell launched the campaign with the words “Hello Europe. This is Sheffield calling”, and said that with a 13,000 capacity arena the city is “a natural choice” to host.

The council’s deputy leader Julie Grocutt told Now Then the city would be “absolutely honoured” to hold the competition, adding that the city is “no stranger to hosting major international events.”

“We reach out to offer our city not only as a place of sanctuary, but as a place to celebrate the unity and togetherness that Eurovision symbolises.”

Grocutt confirmed that the Council have contacted Eurovision organisers and the UK government to express their interest.

Since 1956 Sheffield has been twinned with the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk, which is currently illegally occupied by a Russian puppet government.

Ukraine won this year’s Eurovision in Turin, but tournament organisers have since confirmed they will not be able to host next year’s show (as is tradition) due to safety concerns.

Talks have opened with the BBC about hosting the contest in the UK, who came second this year with Sam Ryder’s ‘SPACE MAN’.

Cities including Glasgow, Leeds and Liverpool have also expressed an interest in playing host, which involves a massive logistical undertaking for a show watched by 161 million people around the world.

Miskell’s suggestion of Sheffield has already been backed by council leader Terry Fox and South Yorkshire mayor Oliver Coppard.

“If Sheffield want to put in a bid I will get absolutely right behind that and do whatever I can,” Coppard told BBC Radio Sheffield. “As long as they don’t ask me to sing I'll be more than happy.”

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