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Seepers: A Love Story: Indie film seeks extras

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A scene from Seepers: A Love Story.

A new independent horror film is looking for volunteer extras to film a major scene.

Set in Sheffield and described as a "post-Brexit horror-comedy", the film has raised over £6,000 through Kickstarter.

"Seepers: A Love Story is an independent horror film from a bunch of Sheffield filmmakers who wanted to make something strange and gross and above all funny," co-writer Paul Huxley told Now Then.

"It's set in the near future when fuel has become scarce and people are abducted and farmed for their natural bio-fuel."

The producers are looking for volunteers on 26 and 27 July at Theatre Deli.

"We're filming a party scene and need all the extras we can get," said Huxley. "We promise to look after our extras who will have a great time and get food and hugs."

The film, which Huxley and director Melanie Gourlay hope to release at Halloween, features a soundtrack of local musicians.

"The Sleazoids are providing us with the film's theme tune and Duck have written several quality tunes to be featured throughout," revealed Huxley.

"Not only that but we have a couple of very talented composers working on the score. The movie has a great garage punk vibe and these bands have really elevated the whole project."

A soundtrack album will accompany the film.

"We're getting so much support from the South Yorkshire film community right now but we'll never turn down a helping hand," said Huxley.

Volunteers can message the film on Facebook or email

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