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Plans being developed for Sheffield’s Covid-19 memorial tributes

Three proposed memorial plans will be discussed by Sheffield City Council next week.

1200px Sheffield Town Hall 27475677653

Sheffield Town Hall.

Tim Green (Wikimedia Commons)

Like many cities around the world, Sheffield has been hugely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, with over a thousand people losing their lives from the virus to date and many others suffering for weeks - and sometimes months - with the effects of the Covid-19 disease.

Plans are currently being developed to put together long-lasting memorials in the city as a tribute to those who have lost their lives, and those who have been affected by the global pandemic.

Three areas are being developed by community representatives and organisations from across Sheffield to bring these memorials to life. They include:

  1. A Memorial Archive - Created for local people to both leave memories of loved ones and to celebrate the community spirit shown during these unprecedented times. People’s stories from the pandemic will also be gathered and shown.
  2. A Memorial Trail - A unique trail taking local people around Sheffield, finishing at the central memorial that will also be created. Memorial trails will be mapped based on the stories and experiences gathered by the Archive.
  3. A centralised memorial - This memorial will be influenced by the design of the local memorials and its location will stand in a location in the city centre.

These plans will be discussed at a Council meeting next week where councillors will be asked to agree the proposed plans and provide any of their own recommendations.

The proposed memorial plans aim to have a “broad and unique tribute that residents can be proud of”, ensuring input from a range of local voices.

Timings for the three memorial plans haven’t yet been properly established but it’s estimated that the archive activity will begin by the end of January. People will be asked about the memorial trail over the spring and summer periods, and work will continue throughout to complete the centralised memorial.

Of the plans, Councillor Terry Fox, Leader of Sheffield City Council said:

“Over the past few months we’ve explored a range of ideas to make absolutely sure that the tributes we make reflect the needs of the city and that we pay our respects appropriately. The thoughtful approach we’re taking will stand the test of time and mean something, in different ways, to everyone now and in the future.”

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