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Piss Up In The Brewery #2: Abbeydale Just Got Bigger & Better

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For those of you who have followed Abbeydale Brewery's success for a while, you will already be aware that they have been crying out for extra space to brew their crafty concoctions. In December they finally got their mitts on a much-needed upscale, which sees a whopping extension join onto their existing home just off Abbeydale Road.

To show off their new space, Abbeydale are bringing us back together for another boozy weekend with Piss Up In The Brewery #2. Following the rip-roaring success of their first Piss Up and last year's Funk Fest, the brewery is inviting you to spend a weekend indulging in Sheffield's favourite tipples.

Taking place over three sessions on 6 April and 7 April, the festival promises to be their biggest yet, offering music, food from Get Wurst and of course, oodles of beer. Their offering will include beers served from cask, keg and tank, including one-off festival exclusives, as well as features from some of Abbeydale's brewery pals.

In the interest of getting the most bang for your buck, ticket holders will have the opportunity to take tours around the brewery's new space to get a closer look at how they brew the beers you love. Join Abbeydale Brewery and celebrate their success by raising a few pints. Here's to Piss Up In The Brewery #2, not to be missed.

Visit Party for the People to get your tickets now.

Tom Guest

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