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Pint of Science: Think While You Drink

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I always look forward to Pint of Science. The annual three-day festival denotes a time of year when the evenings are balmy and the sun sits hazily in the sky 'til late. But more importantly, it means that a fantastic array of scientific talks and activities descend upon the pubs of Sheffield.

Taking place in 24 countries worldwide and 41 cities throughout the UK, Pint of Science has become a global phenomenon with nearly 600 events taking place in total.

From Monday 20 to Wednesday 22 May, academics will bring their newest and most exciting scientific research to a selection of Sheff's favourite drinking establishments, with this year's venues comprising The Bath Hotel, The Old Queen's Head, The Holt, Triple Point Brewery, the Common Room and Tamper.

The focus is on making science fun, interesting and relevant to everyone. You'll be relieved to hear that big plastic goggles and aprons will thankfully not be a prerequisite for attendance.

Themes being covered this year are Atoms to Galaxies, Our Body, Beautiful Mind, Our Society, Tech Me Out and Planet Earth so there should be something to pique everyone's interest.

In the lead-up to the festival you can enjoy the Pint of Science Podcast with presenters Callum and Jim, who'll be meeting scientists in pubs around the UK to find out about all things sciencey.

The Pint of Science programme is always incredibly popular and tickets fly out, so don't delay getting yours. All tickets are priced at just £4 each. Head to their website now to buy yours.




Flick Jackson

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