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Phlegm's Giants: A New Documentary

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Phlegm's Giants have gone to their final resting place, never to be seen again, but the folks behind the exhibition commissioned a short documentary to be made in celebration of all that the Mausoleum of the Giants was and everyone who was involved. We had a quick chat with Professor Vanessa Toulmin, Director of City and Culture in Partnerships and Regional Engagement at the University of Sheffield, to find out more.

Why did it feel important to immortalise the Mausoleum of the Giants in film?

The proposal came from the marketing team working on the exhibition. It was important that whoever was chosen had a relationship with the artist. It was through these links that Phlegm and Sophie Harrison, the artist's production manager, chose Jordan Carroll. He's an emerging young filmmaker and we already knew his work and were impressed with the care and attention he took with the film he made for Yellow Arch last year.

They wanted to showcase the other aspects of Sheffield's creative talent, and also wanted to document all aspects of this project as we knew it was going to be extraordinary but we didn't anticipate the reaction or the emotional response it had for the visitors.

The film features a whole host of people who were involved in the exhibition. What have been their reactions to the documentary?

All were happy to see their involvement and it made us feel nostalgic and proud of what we achieved for Phlegm.

Looking to the future, what do you think the legacy of the Giants will be?

It can never be repeated but it can be built on as it demonstrated what we have said for many years - that being unique and ambitious is also about doing this the Sheffield way. Think big, think Giants, think Phlegm.

Visit the website and watch the 360° tour of the exhibition here.

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