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Pawprint: Eco companion app enters final stage of crowdfunder

Pawprint, the eco start-up empowering the climate change fight, has entered the final stage of its crowdfunder with just 10 days to go. Focusing less on the amount individuals invest, Pawprint aims to build a community of people united to fight climate change.

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Founded by entrepreneur Christian Arno, Pawprint is tackling the biggest global threat facing our planet. The free app provides users with the ability to measure, understand and reduce their carbon footprint by implementing changes to their lifestyle choices and it's fully backed by the leading expert in carbon footprint measurement, Mike Berners-Lee.

Having launched this month, Pawprint has attracted initial funding of £580k from backers including Oli Norman of Itison and Kevin Dorren of Dietchef, alongside Tesla, Spotify and Amazon.

Christian Arno, founder and Pawprint CEO, said, "Globally we are currently facing two main threats to our planet and our collective health. Covid-19 is undoubtedly the most immediate, but climate change remains the bigger existential threat. It has been both humbling and inspiring to witness people pulling together to help their communities in the fight against coronavirus and this is the very ethos that Pawprint is built on.

"We need to act at scale, and fast, which is why we are launching this crowdfund to help us spread the word and build an army of Pawprinters. We can all play our part in building a globally impactful company that can tackle the next global crisis - climate change."

Invest in the Pawprint movement here or sign up to learn more about the app when it launches later this year.

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