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Pandemic evictions: Tenants allege landlord tried to make them homeless during lockdown

ACORN Renters' Union stages protest outside Fulwood house of Nadim Admani, who they allege attempted to increase rent during lockdown then moved to evict tenants.

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ACORN's action on Sunday about Nadim Admani's house. Photo by ACORN.

Members of a tenants' union have confronted a Sheffield landlord who they allege has attempted to make tenants homeless during the pandemic.

Around 40 members of ACORN protested outside Nadim Admani's house in Fulwood on Sunday, demanding that he end the threat of rent increases and carry out urgent repairs to his properties.

"We're sick of the landlord," said Sooty, a tenant of Admani's and an ACORN member.

"You're paying rent on time every month and you expect them to hold up their end of the bargain and treat you with some respect. He's just another rogue landlord that wants everything and won't give anything back."

Tenants allege that Admani tried to increase their rent during lockdown. When challenged, they say he served an eviction notice despite a nationwide ban on evictions, which is in place until late August.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Admani is the chairman of Sheffield-based company Success CXP, which provides consultancy services, including to landlords.

ACORN say that Admani's tenants are mostly precarious workers who have faced financial insecurity as a result of the pandemic.

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ACORN's action on Sunday about Nadim Admani's house. Photo by ACORN.

"Everyone in my house is hard-working and it's upsetting to go out to work to earn your money and then hand it over to a landlord who doesn't do any repairs," continued Sooty.

"The landlord's also been blackmailing people, saying that if they challenge him he'll put them on a register and stop them renting in Sheffield ever again," Sooty claimed.

ACORN say that Admani refused to talk to their members and called the police, who then supervised a discussion between the landlord and some of the tenants.

"Although he didn't want to hear what the tenants had to say, he was made to listen and see how worried and angry his actions had made people," said ACORN member Caty.

"We had loads of support from his neighbours and passers-by who were shocked to hear of his actions. I hope he will do the right thing."

Admani did not respond to Now Then's request for comment.

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