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Not Really

Ever woken up knowing that a relative, or even a pet, has died? Here's one woman telling her story.

I was mebbes a bit relieved in’t end. ‘Cos he must a been in pain, you know, our Max. But thing is, I did have a very funny experience and I don’t really know how to describe it – ‘cos we was up at our Joanne’s in Carlisle that weekend. And me friend Stella, who use to come in and see to him, like, she found him. He were dead.

And she wrapped him up for us in one of her bed sheets, pink flannelette, nice and soft. I think he’d had a stroke ‘cos he had had one on our next door’s front step. Any road, Stella found him sorta flopped over – he were in his cat bed, you know, behind’t coffee table, just in front of radiator – just flopped over on his side. So she took him up to‘t shed, ‘cos it were cold up there. And she put him up on’t shelf, you know, so I could have a look at him, if I wanted, when I got home from Carlisle.

But what happened, while we was up at our Joanne’s, I went to bed early - the rest of ‘em stopped up, you know, having a bit of a drink. And I think I must have fell asleep quite quick – and light were still on. Any road, I woke up right sudden ‘cos this cat had jumped up on bed, right beside me. And it sort of walked across me, just light lickle steps. And I could feel its claws sorta clicking on’t covers, you know, like our Max’s. And I thought, bloomin’ ‘eck, you know, someone’s let cat come upstairs. I were a bit annoyed. But then I thought, I’m not at home, I’m up here at our Joanne’s and she dun’t have a cat. What’s happened? And really I can’t say what did happen. You know.

Any road I got text off Stella in’t morning to say. And it made me feel right . . . funny . . . you know. ‘Cos never had owt like that before, you know, not like that. Summat you just can’t explain. I know I were awake. ‘Cos cat woke us up. And I were annoyed. Chuffin’ cat’s been let out room, you know. And it were just these light lickle steps. I do like to think he’d come up to say ta-ra, you know.

Makes you think, dun’t it. Summat very very strange going off. ‘Cos we never really know owt about owt, do we. Not really.

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