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New Covid support scheme launched for Sheffield businesses

The Council have launched a new grant scheme for city businesses forced to close under new lockdown restrictions.

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Sheffield City Council have launched a new scheme to support businesses affected by lockdown restrictions with cash grants.

The four South Yorkshire councils have been allocated £33m in total by the government to pass on to businesses in their area.

£30m of this represents a one-off payment that will not be repeated, even if the city remains under an extended period of national lockdown or returns to Tier 3 restrictions.

Most rate-paying businesses forced to close as part of the national lockdown are able to apply for a grant of up to £3,000 via the Local Restrictions Support Grant.

There is also a top-up available for businesses that were forced to close before the most recent lockdown when Tier 3 restrictions were put in place.

This scheme is open now. Businesses can apply through the Council's website.

Non rate-paying businesses forced to close will soon be able to apply for a grant between £500 and £3,000 via the Council's Additional Restrictions Grant scheme. These businesses must have fixed-term property costs and a rental value above £1,500 per year.

This scheme is due to open soon. Businesses who want to receive updates on these schemes can sign up to email alerts from the Council.

Sheffield City Council.

“In light of this new period of uncertainty for our businesses I am pleased that a grant scheme has been established between the local authorities in our region that aims to support as many businesses affected by Covid as possible," said Cabinet Member for Business and Investment Cllr Mazher Iqbal."

We hope that these one-off payments will provide businesses with stability throughout this lockdown period, and we have designed a scheme that covers as many key areas of our economy as we can with the funding we’ve been allocated."

Full information about what grants are available and how to apply is available on the Council's website.

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