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Nathan Gibson: Pride in the Process

This month's art comes from a long time collaborator of mine, the amazing photographer Nathan Gibson. Appearing from the world of oil paint and ascending into photography, I've always loved his work, soul over substance, a true crafter of images. A few words from the man himself: "First of all, I am a real Minimalist, because I don't do very much. I know some minimalists who call themselves minimalist but they do loads of minimalism. That is cheating. I really don't do very much." Robert Wyatt To me, photography is just as much about selectivity as creativity, if not more so. Despite being an aesthete, I am more interested in the ideas behind objects than the objects themselves. I like dance music and Terry Riley, I'm most at home in the window seat of a moving train, and I'm fascinated by the relationship between the physical world and the virtual space we create and inhabit through our use and abuse of technology. [imagebrowser id=15] If you like my work, or you think I will like yours, then I want to hear from you, especially if you have questions. I will shoot weddings, club nights, bar mitzvahs and the office party, your face, your space, your bass and, ideally, your grace. Getting funky is my speciality. David Hockney's 'Pearlblossom Highway' photo collage perhaps got me started, but many others have certainly helped me along the way. I love my family. I am angry about the misuse of power, laziness and all the liars, yet I am optimistic for the future. Offending people is not always a bad thing. The photo essay which starts on this page, and continues, was shot on 26th March 2011. I'm never finished. )

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