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MP invites citizens to explore the future of transport in Sheffield

Olivia Blake says "we can't stand by" while the government fails to take action on global heating.

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Sheffield Hallam MP Olivia Blake.

Olivia Blake MP.

Olivia Blake MP is launching a new series of 'climate assemblies' this Thursday with a workshop exploring the future of public transport in South Yorkshire.
The Sheffield Hallam MP will give an update on her campaign to reopen long-lost railway stations along the Sheaf Valley line at Millhouses, Heeley and Beauchief.

Attendees will also hear from Gareth Forest of the local TUC, who is leading the Better Buses for South Yorkshire campaign to improve the regions unpopular privatised network.

"We believe that, to help rebuild Sheffield’s economy after the Covid-19 pandemic, the government must invest in Sheffield’s railways, particularly along the Sheaf Valley," said Blake.

"This, I hope, would help boost rail use post-pandemic, open up new job opportunities in other cities, and make travel to and from work quicker, more efficient, and greener."

Thursday's event is the first of ten climate assemblies to be held by the Labour MP in the lead-up to November's COP26 climate summit in Glasgow.

Blake, who was elected in 2019 after serving as Deputy Leader of the Council, says the sessions will create a Hallam Citizens’ Climate Manifesto which will be presented to the government and form the basis of campaigns in the constituency.

Many scientists and climate campaigners believe COP26 is the last chance to push for radical action to get us back on track to net-zero emissions and limit the rise in global temperature to 1.5°C.

Future assemblies include sessions on nature and biodiversity, a green industrial strategy, healthy neighbourhoods and financing decarbonisation.

Blake told Now Then that "we can't stand by" while the government ignores the climate crisis.

"I’m convening these assemblies to make sure the voices of Hallam constituents are heard, and urgent action is taken," she said.

"By championing sustainable solutions to the climate emergency locally, we can demonstrate to the government, and world leaders at COP26, that we can build a vision of a green recovery for Sheffield and beyond."

by Sam Gregory (he/him)

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