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Making Ways: Summer activities & workshops

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During the last three years, the Making Ways project has brought an exceptional programme of contemporary visual art to the people of Sheffield.

Funded by Arts Council England, Sheffield City Council, The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University, Making Ways has created a wealth of opportunities for artists to develop and showcase their work through exhibitions, artist commissions and events.

The project's aim has been to facilitate an ongoing celebration of visual art in the city and to nurture the burgeoning DIY arts culture that Sheffield has become renowned for. We at Opus were very fortunate to be supported by Making Ways in the creation of the 100th issue of Now Then Magazine in 2016.

The project draws to a close this summer but it's certainly going out with a bang. The team behind Making Ways have curated an incredible programme of free and interactive arts activities, led by Sheffield artists, for everyone to get involved in between Saturday 25 May and Sunday 16 June.

Janet Jennings, the Making Ways Programme Coordinator, said: "We wanted to bring Making Ways to an end with a celebration of the boundless capacity of art to bring people together to make, create and explore. Each activity is led by a professional artist who lives in Sheffield. It doesn't matter if you're a real art aficionado or haven't drawn since school, there's lots of ways for people of all ages and abilities to take part."

Highlights of the upcoming programme include Corner of Paradise with Our Favourite Places, which gives the opportunity to re-imagine paradise; City Within and Without with Joanna Whittle, which invites you to create simple photographic blueprints through placing images and objects on cyanotype paper and using sunlight to create images; and The Interlace Project with Toni Buckby, where you'll be able to create interactive textile pieces.

For some events you'll need to book in advance, for others you'll be able to just turn up. Find more information and how to book here.

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