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Make sure you can vote: Residents urged to register by 12 April

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Photo by secretlondon123 (Wikimedia Commons)

Sheffield residents are being urged to register to vote ahead of May's local elections.

The deadline to register is midnight on 12 April. You can register to vote online, which takes around five minutes.

"Registering to vote is quick and easy", said Sheffield's chief returning officer John Mothersole. "People just need their National Insurance number, date of birth and address to hand.

This election day people have the opportunity to make their vote count

"I would appeal to everyone to make sure they have received their polling card, or have taken the necessary steps to ensure they can vote on 2 May, whether that's checking if they're registered, applying for a postal vote or arranging a proxy vote," he continued.

May's vote will see a third of the council chamber's 84 seats up for re-election. Each electoral ward is represented by three councillors, meaning that elections will be held in every ward.

Green councillor Magid Magid's term as Lord Mayor also ends on 2 May and he is not standing for re-election. His party, which currently holds six seats, have announced that they will contest all 28 wards.

Labour, who hold 52 out of the 84 seats, will be aiming to strengthen the majority they have had for almost a decade.

The Liberal Democrats, who last held the Council in 2011, will be looking to increase their share of 22 seats. The Conservatives have no councillors in Sheffield, but will contest every ward.

After seeing their share of the vote collapse at the last general election, UKIP will be looking to retain their three Stocksbridge and West Ecclesfield seats.

"This election day people have the opportunity to make their vote count", continued Mothersole. "Don't lose the chance to have your say."

Sam Gregory

You have until 12 April to register to vote.

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Voters will re-elect one third of Town Hall's 84 councillors. Photo by Chemical Engineer (Wikimedia Commons)

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