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Louise Haigh MP Care homes: Sheffield MP raises concerns as death toll continues to surge

"Accurate and timely reporting of deaths is essential to [...] saving as many lives as possible," says Haigh.

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Sheffield Heeley MP Louise Haigh.

Around a thousand people have died from coronavirus in care homes and millions who depend on social care in the UK will be at risk, warns Sheffield MP Louise Haigh.

Haigh, who represents Sheffield Heeley for Labour, has spoken up against patients being sent to care homes from hospital without being tested for the virus.

She has called on Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock to make sure this testing takes place.

"Accurate and timely reporting of deaths is essential to tackling coronavirus effectively and saving as many lives as possible," she said.

"The government must put systems in place urgently to ensure that this happens.

"At the same time, Boris Johnson must move heaven and earth to provide all NHS and care staff with the PPE and testing they need to help prevent further deaths."

Despite official ONS statistics that paint a different picture, according to home providers the true figure is likely to be close to 1,000 deaths.

As of 24 April, more than 20,000 people have died from coronavirus in the UK.

Critics claim the number only tells half the story, as it only covers hospital deaths that have been verified.

Labour have urged the government to put in place a system to ensure that deaths relating to coronavirus outside hospital, including in care homes, are collected, reported and published daily alongside hospital deaths.

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