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Learning Pad: Learning doesn't stop when the bell rings

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Learning Pad is a tutoring and education group based in Sheffield, which accepts children and adults into its pool of students. Their aim is to encourage students to flourish in their natural talents while developing other skills that may not come so easily to them.

But teaching doesn't stop when the bell rings. Learning Pad sees the vital importance of showing students how they can excel outside the classroom too. With that in mind, they've hosted a programme of exciting events over summer, designed to keep people entertained over the holidays and, most importantly, to keep them learning. Here are a few events we think you should get yourselves along to in the next week, down at their Sheffield centre (12 Lidgett Lane, S25 2QD).

There's a cookie dough making workshop tomorrow (24 August) for those of you with a sweet tooth. When you've finished making your tasty creation, you can take it home to enjoy as you please. Learning Pad suggest using a big spoon when doing so...

There's also an event centred around Australian Aboriginal Painting for the more creative among you. With a chance to look at these visual expressions of storytelling by a group of people who had no written language for centuries, it looks like an insightful event. It spans four days from 27 to 31 August, and tickets are on sale now.

For more information on all the events Learning Pad have on offer over the next few weeks, and for a chance to join the school itself, visit

Emma Walsh

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