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Launching Sheffield's Year of Reading

Sheffield's Year of Reading launches across the city on 15 January 2020, a citywide celebration of creativity and the written word.

Reading is the key that unlocks the door. It helps us feel better, discover more and unleashes our individual creativity.

The Year of Reading will engage us in what reading can do for every one of us and the huge benefits that it brings to our everyday lives; how a story can take you to a faraway place in your head, how reading an autobiography can inspire you to change your plans or fill you with admiration, or how a sci-fi can help you escape to mysterious and fantastic worlds.

Based on four themes - Only Human, Rebellion, Exploration and Creation - the Year of Reading will involve anyone who wants to be a part of it across the city. Everyone's invited and everyone's welcome.

Reading is the key that unlocks the door

Also launching will be Sheffield's Favourite Reads, a conversation about the books everyone loves, with an exhibition at the Central Library which will include the personal recommendations of numerous Sheffielders, including some well-known faces.

There is the opportunity for all individuals from across the city to share what their favourite read is. It doesn't matter what kind of book it is, as long as it's someone's favourite. Just fill in a Year of Reading postcard in your nearest library or tell us online before 31 March.

People from all over the city will be invited to come together in libraries, pubs, schools, living rooms, museums, parks and many other venues to share the simple joy of words.

It will be literary and silly. It will be big and small. It will be on the page and in the streets.

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