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Kelham Deli and Produce: Convenient, Sustainable & Independent

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Kelham Deli & Produce

Kelham Deli is the new home for fresh food and everyday essentials right in the heart of Kelham Island. They're offering an alternative to the big supermarkets - we all chide ourselves for going to Tesco, but what if shopping independent was just as convenient, and kept money in the local economy? We asked owners Dan and Ade to tell us more.

Tell us a bit about Kelham Deli.

Kelham Deli and Produce opened just over six weeks ago. We have a deli counter including a selection of cheese and charcuterie, daily sandwiches, a range of wine and craft beers, fresh fruit and veg, as well as locally produced store cupboard items. We also sell fresh milk and bread delivered daily from local suppliers, and we don't sell anything packaged in plastic. Customers can bring their own containers for the weigh-and-pay items, or use our compostable packaging. We're open 7am to 7pm weekdays, and 9am to 5pm Saturdays and Sundays.

What inspired you to start the shop?

After over 20 years on the corporate ladder, I decided to try something new and start my own business. As a local resident, I knew I wanted it to be in this area and wanted it to be something people needed, offering different things to the big supermarkets. I have a lot of ideas going forward such as expanding the daily sandwiches, offering salads and selling bean-to-cup coffee.

What kind of things can people buy in the shop, and what's your favourite thing that you're selling?

As well as daily essentials such as milk, bread and fresh produce we also sell a fabulous range of cakes and bakes by Little Town Pantry, and the flowers and plants are from Meadows and Mulberry. We try to champion as much local produce as possible and even the art on the walls is by the extremely talented Julian Wright, based at the nearby KIAC art studios. My favourite thing we sell at the moment is the selection of cheeses. We are expanding the range so obviously I have to sample them!

How are you making the business sustainable?

As a small business, sustainability can be quite a challenge. We don't sell anything in plastic packaging, which can be trickier than it sounds. Even down to finding a decent bag of crisps in a compostable packet takes longer than it should nowadays - we've got them though! Keeping as much as we can local ensures a minimal carbon footprint for us, and loose produce and dried goods on weigh-and-pay means customers can buy exactly what they need, reducing any waste at their end.

Tell us about the courtyard you've got planned.

We have an enclosed courtyard out the front of the store. As of last week, we now have a small seating area and some planting on the way. Once we have the addition of the daily salads and the coffees, it should be a nice little spot sheltered from the main road for our customers to enjoy their food and drink. We're also considering using some of the space for seasonal items or pop-ups and would welcome hearing from anyone who may be interested in this. There could also be some outdoor art in the pipeline so watch this space!

Sam Gregory

Visit Kelham Deli at 284 Shalesmoor, Acorn St or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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