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JustEat delivery drivers to go on strike against planned pay cuts

The IWGB Sheffield Couriers will strike this weekend against employers Stuart Delivery over planned changes to deliveries, including a pay cut of nearly 25%.

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IWGB Union.

Last weekend, Sheffield food delivery drivers from the Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain (IWGB) took to the snowy streets to protest planned cuts to their pay which would amount to nearly a 25% reduction in income.

On 13 October, Stuart Delivery - which provides delivery drivers to JustEat - announced changes to the existing pay structure which would result in a significant pay cut for many delivery drivers, especially those making deliveries over short distances. Pay would be cut by £1.10 per delivery, from £4.50 to £3.40, from 6 December.

IWGB delivery drivers held a meeting on 21 October to discuss how to prevent Stuart Delivery’s planned pay cut and decided that industrial action was the only way forward.

A letter was sent to Stuart Delivery on 1 November outlining the drivers’ demands, as well as reminding them of how much drivers have given to the company during the pandemic; undertaking high-risk work whilst also being denied sick pay and earning an effective hourly rate that can be below the national minimum wage.

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IWGB Union.

The delivery drivers' demands include a £6 base rate for deliveries, for waiting times to be paid after the first ten minutes at a rate of £15 per hour, and a hiring freeze in Sheffield.

Drivers already have to cover their own vehicle costs, sick pay, holiday and pensions, and are not paid for waiting times between deliveries. These new changes will push people into working even harder for longer hours in order to earn the same amount of take home pay, the IWGB says.

The strike is backed by local Labour MP, Olivia Blake, who said:

“Stuart couriers have helped keep Sheffield going through the pandemic. For them to be rewarded with a pay cut like this is not acceptable. Every worker deserves a living wage, job security, and proper employment rights. I hope that both Stuart and JustEat do the right thing and give their delivery workers a pay rise, not a pay cut."

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IWGB Union.

Stuart courier in Sheffield, Bryn Atkinson-Woodcock, explains why drivers are striking:

“With the rising cost of living, and minimum wage and national living wage rising too, we should be getting a pay rise, not a pay cut. The pay at Stuart is bad as it is. Stuart advertises pay between £15 and £20 an hour online but this is totally unrealistic. Once you take out the rising price of fuel, insurance, vehicle maintenance and tax, we’re making far below minimum wage.

"I work 6 to 7 days a week, between 8 and 12 hours and it’s obliterated my savings. I’m on my third car since I started working with Stuart because I’m doing 50 to 100 miles a day and the wear and tear costs take a considerable amount of my earnings.

"All we’re asking for is fair pay so we can pay our costs, earn a decent living, and have the time to see our families.”

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