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Just A Card Campaign: Support Creative Businesses

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Supporting local business has always been at the heart of Now Then's work and with our newly re-developed app we have another avenue through which we can champion Sheffield's independent traders. Naturally we're always interested to hear about other projects and campaigns which encourage people to shop independently so when we were tagged in a tweet about the Just A Card campaign we were keen to find out more.

Just A Card's main aim is to get people to support creative businesses and to remind them that each and every purchase, even if it is 'just a card', is essential to ensuring the survival of those businesses. After all, they contribute so much to the richness of our communities.

The campaign itself came about when artist and designer Sarah Hamilton saw a quote from some gallery owners who had recently closed their business. It read, 'If everyone who'd complimented our beautiful gallery had bought 'just a card', we'd still be open'. And that was it, Sarah knew that the designers, makers, independent shops and galleries needed to be heard and that a call to action was the way forward. So the 'Just A Card' campaign was born.

Here's how you can get involved:

1. Add Just a Card's logo to your blogs & websites.

2. Follow @justacard1 on Twitter & Instagram. Retweet & spread the word.

3. Download posters & postcards from their website and put them up at your event or in your shop.

4. Get involved with Just a Card Indie Week - 19-23 November 2018.

5. Purchase items from their shop.

6. Donate to them.

And with Christmas coming, there's even more incentive to seek out all the fantastic independent traders that Sheffield has to offer. We really are spoilt for choice when it comes to independent businesses in Sheffield, let's stay that way. #JustACard

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