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Josh Kerr: Portals

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Josh Kerr's Portals project opens the door to a surreal world. One that combines familiarity with wonder and intrigue. We chatted to Josh to find out more about his photographic odyssey.

Firstly, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your work?

I'm Josh. I've recently moved back home to Sheffield after a four year stint in Australia. I've been doing graphic design work and flirting with the odd bits of film photography.

What was the inspiration behind Portals?

I wanted to take more of a personal approach to my work. I've been traveling for quite a while now, and Portals stemmed from me looking outwards and inwards, and often wanting to be elsewhere. Also, while I have many unfinished projects on the go, this seemed like a relatable and easily achievable one to start with.

What do you hope to communicate through the juxtaposition of images taken in different locations?

In some images they are obviously contrasting, and in some they could be the same place, although they do all have a common similarity with the difference in two locations. I don't think art has to be complicated, and I find this series appeals to everyone differently.

Whether it's looking out of a window on the way to work, or looking at our TVs and computers, there are so many portals in our everyday lives that we use as escapism in some form. Ironically, most of the people who are viewing the images probably see them on their phone, so each picture relates to that person depending on what they're doing on the day they view it.

I love that about online art. Not everyone has time to go to a gallery and you're already in the mind frame to see "art" so I love that people see my portals project through their own portals.

What interests you most in art?

Art can be anything in this massive, social, online world. Everyone is creative in some way - whatever the process. What I get excited about is the journey of it all, and I find that stripping it all back and taking a slower approach to things is way harder to do in this digital age. Art doesn't have to be rushed, and I'm teaching myself this in my projects going forward.

What's on the horizon for you, artistically speaking?

With this particular project, I'm experimenting with eradicating the digital aspect and working with different mediums to print and design some portals in environments and snap them on film, so look out for that. I also have various other photography projects I'm working on, but I'm trying to take more of a series approach to my work instead of just releasing them willy nilly.

Follow Josh on Instagram @mrjoshkerr.

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