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Heartbreak Productions Theatre company launches Tell My Story competition for young people

Seeking short stories from 8 to 14 year olds themed around 'Escape From Lockdown'.

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Heartbreak Productions is an independent theatre company based in Leamington Spa, who aim to 'inspire, entertain, challenge' communities through open performances, activities and competitions. Heartbreak have been collaborating with actors, designers, composers and crew since their foundation in 1991 by Maddy Kerr and Peter Mimmack and they are now in their 27th year of touring.

Heartbreak Productions have cancelled their outdoor theatre tours, but there are still opportunities for their younger audiences to get involved through their new competition, Tell My Story. Funded by Arts Council England, the competition is open for children and young people aged 8 to 14.

Tell My Story is a short story competition with a twist. Rather than just writing a story, entrants can submit their story in a variety of media forms, including video, visual art, audio and music, alongside the traditional written world. Poignantly in a time of such frustration, their theme is 'Escape From Lockdown'.

The judges are looking for originality, plot, character development and - importantly - production possibilities.

Despite being a small company, Heartbreak is looking to select eight of the stories to develop into short five-minute films with the help of the winning entrants. They want to pack in as much of their contestants' imaginings as possible, so the stories need to have a clear beginning, middle and end which would translate into film.

Entries can be submitted via their website until midnight on 21 June. There will be two winners per category, announced before the end of July. Short-listed entries will also be displayed in the gallery on the Heartbreak Productions website and on their social media channels.

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