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Harry Brearley: Plaque celebrates stainless steel inventor

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Harry Brearley

A plaque has been unveiled at Portland Works near Bramall Lane to commemorate the significant work of Harry Brearley, the inventor of stainless steel.

Financed by Sheffield United Football Club's chairman and co-owner, Kevin McCabe, the plaque was revealed at a ceremony with speakers representing Portland Works and the football club on Friday 23 August.

Brearley brought his newly developed 'rustless steel' to factory manager Ernest Stuart at R. F. Mosley, located at Portland Works, and the first 'rustnorstain' knives were produced at the Works in 1914. When these were a great success, wider-scale manufacturing of stainless steel cutlery began on site.

After falling into disrepair following the demise of R.F. Mosley's in 1969, Portland Works was re-purchased in 2013 after a successful campaign led by local tenants to preserve the history of the site and prevent it being converted into bedsits.

Portland Works is now home to many makers and independent artists, including Locksley Distilling Co, Bailey of Sheffield, Tietzsch Guitars, Michael May Knives and Opus Independents, the parent company of Now Then Magazine.

Emma Walsh

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