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Greens propose climate policies: Opposition party backs Workplace Parking Levy and Climate Committee

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Green Party Councillor Paul Turpin. Photo courtesy of Sheffield Green Party.

Two Green Party councillors have put forward a raft of policies that aim to improve the lives of Sheffield citizens while combatting climate breakdown.

The proposals, from councillors Paul Turpin and Douglas Johnson, will be debated in detail later this week at Full Council on 6 November.

"It's time for some wide-ranging policy changes to make the Council serve the city better," said Cllr Johnson.

The call from the Green councillors comes after Sheffield City Council declared a 'climate emergency' earlier this year.

"The Green Party has the answers - it's the Green New Deal.'' Cllr Johnson continued. "The Green approach will tackle the climate crisis and make life better for everyone in society, including the poorest."

One of the most impactful proposals being put forward is the creation of a Climate Emergency Committee for Sheffield City Council, with the aim of reaching zero carbon emissions by 2030.

"One of our demands is to adopt alternative measures of wellbeing, not just economic measures", said Cllr Johnson.

It's time for some wide-ranging policy changes

A study produced by the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research found that in order to become a zero-carbon city, Sheffield must not exceed 16 million tonnes of carbon emissions over the next two decades. At the current rate of energy consumption, the city would produce this amount in less than six years.

Other Green proposals include a team of sustainability officers and the introduction of a climate change impact assessment for every formal decision made by the Council.

The party also want to implement a Workplace Parking Levy for Sheffield, a charge on employers who provide workplace parking.

The funds raised from the levy would be used to improve public transport as well as walking and cycling routes, encouraging people to leave their cars at home.

A similar initiative has been in place in Nottingham since 2012 and the Scottish Parliament has included a Workplace Parking Levy in its latest Transport Bill.

"The Green approach will tackle the climate crisis and make life better for everyone in society," said Cllr Johnson. The motion will be debated at Full Council on Wednesday.

Brittany E Holder

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