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Fck Boris: Five ways to say 'Fck Boris'

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Boris Johnson wants to be Prime Minister for another five years. Here are five things you can do to stop that happening.

1. Register to vote

If you're a student, a person of colour or working class, Boris Johnson doesn't want you to vote.

The people whose lives are most affected by politics - homeless, marginalised, young and people on low incomes - are also less likely to vote. This isn't a coincidence. Boris and his parliamentary pals are determined to make it even harder for us to have our say. Remember when they planned to introduce compulsory photo ID for voters in national elections? This move would disproportionately affect trans, BAME, disabled and poorer people.

So how do we fight back? By exercising that sweet, sweet democratic right.

Students Boris set the date of the election near the Christmas holidays to try to block the student vote, because he knows you want him out. Don't forget you can vote either at home or at uni, so register for a postal or proxy vote if you need to.

2. Get out there

The Tories may have their corporate mates funding their campaign, but we've got people power.

Canvassing is hugely powerful in persuading people who are on the fence or uninformed, or mobilising people who are already on our side.

If you're new to the game, you'll be paired up with someone more experienced who can show you the ropes. Don't worry if you feel like you don't know the policies inside out. You're not expected to be an expert. All you need to do is research a few talking points. Door knocking is all about finding out which issues matter most to people, encouraging them to get out on polling day and do the right thing.

3. Use your skills

Door knocking isn't the only way you can help, and barriers to canvassing often include mental and physical health, financial circumstances or disabilities.

Find something you're good at and put it to use in fighting the good fight. There's plenty to be done from home, from phone banking to social media and content creation. If in doubt, join a campaign to see how you can show solidarity.

If you want to put the party back into party politics, check out the Fck Boris Facebook page to find an event near you and get involved. Dance, get people registered and say a big fat 'Fck Boris' with your pals by your side.

4. Lift others up

Almost every time Boris Johnson opens his mouth he manages to offend a different marginalised group. The hate he's spouted is enough to get most people fired from their jobs and yet this guy is somehow still the leader of our country.

If you're not from one of these marginalised groups, you should still give a shit about this.

The personal is political and for some people, just existing is a daily struggle against these toxic power structures. If you have a platform or a position of power, use it to lift up those worse off than you. Educate yourself, use your agency, pass the mic. Good politics should be focused on the most vulnerable in society and every day Boris Johnson is still in power these inequalities are getting deeper.

5. Take care of yourself and your community

The elites want us to feel disillusioned, demotivated and isolated, and thanks to the Tories ravaging our NHS, mental health services in the UK are in dire straits.

Just living under our current government is draining enough and campaigning can be hard work. Don't forget to put wellbeing first, take care of yourself and check in with your friends.

We deserve more than this. We deserve to be healthy and happy. Only through mutual care and support can we achieve this.


One last thing...

On Saturday 23 November, a Fck Boris Register n Rave is coming to Sheffield.

Get yourself down to DINA, 10pm-3am, bring your mates and let's get even more people registered to vote.

A line-up of diverse local musicians and DJs is in store for you, including a very special secret guest, plus free prosecco for anyone who registers on the night.

Maddie Hennessy

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