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Film festival moves online for the first time

Local film fest plans online screenings, talks, panels, artists' events and community engagement activities.

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Photo by Doc/Fest.

Long-running Sheffield film festival Doc/Fest will run this year's edition virtually in response to coronavirus.

Online screenings, talks, panels, artists' events and community engagement activities will take place over a series of weekends throughout autumn.

Organisers said the full programme, which is yet to be announced, would "engage in an urgent worldwide conversation about ways of creating, and engaging with, cinema and art in extremely challenging times."

Access to activity will be amplified as much as possible through our digital platforms

The festival have posted a list of documentary films from previous years which can be watched online.

Founded at the Showroom Cinema in 1994, Doc/Fest has grown to become the third largest documentary festival in the world, bringing hundreds of filmmakers to Sheffield every year.

Usually taking place over a weekend in early June, the festival has expanded in recent years to include The Light and Curzon cinemas, as well as a virtual reality showcase at Site Gallery.

"Access to activity will be amplified as much as possible through our digital platforms, always respecting each film's nature and context," said festival organisers in a statement.

"We will not hold any competitions, but we will present important, critical and unique works of cinema and art."

Two pitching forums for filmmakers, MeetMarket and the Alternate Realities Talent Market, will now take place online from 8-10 June.

MeetMarket will see 48 film projects, chosen from over 500 applications, presented to industry representatives including funders and commissioning editors. 42% of these projects have a first-time filmmaker attached to direct.

Virtual Reality projects being pitched at this year's Talent Market include explorations of the Berlin Wall and the Crystal Palace, as well as immersive dance and theatre performances.

"Everyone remains keen to connect, which is fantastic because this year's selected projects are incredibly strong and exciting," said Doc/Fest's Patrick Hurley.

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