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Recipe by Amanda Perry, Fancie

1 pint double cream
Zest of 2 unwaxed lemons
Juice of 3 unwaxed lemons
250g white sugar

This is a really old, simple dessert which we often serve at our Fancie supper clubs. It’s a delicious way to finish off a meal, with the creaminess of the pudding and the sharpness of the lemon and raspberry cutting through.

Pour the cream and sugar into a pan and heat until it’s reduced by a third. Add the lemon zest and juice and bring to the boil, take the pan off the heat and pour into ramekins. Leave for a minimum of two hours until the posset has set. Serve with fresh raspberries and a shortbread biscuit.


Recipe by Silversmiths

500g Yorkshire forced rhubarb
250g cream cheese
1-2 pints whipping cream
250g caster sugar
50g icing sugar
50g rice flour
175g self raising flour
100g butter
1 egg

Trim off any excess leaves and cut the rhubarb into 2-inch batons, place on a tray, sprinkle with icing sugar and roast till tender. Remove 16 pieces for garnish, puree the remaining and chill. Mix the cream cheese with 150g of caster sugar, whip the cream and fold through the cheese, then ripple through three quarters of the rhubarb puree and place in a piping bag. Pour the remaining puree onto greaseproof paper, spread thinly and place in a 75°C oven overnight.

Cream the butter and remaining sugar together until smooth. Add the rice flour and self raising flour then the egg and mix well. Chill for half an hour. Flour a surface and roll out thinly, cut out four bases and bake for around 15 minutes at 160°C, then place on a cooling rack.

Place one piece of shortbread on a plate and pipe on the cheesecake mix, then repeat this process to form a tower. Garnish with roast rhubarb and crispy puree.

Taken from The Sheffield Cook Book, on sale at Silversmiths from 1 May. Photo by Marc Barker.


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