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City events postponed or cancelled: Sheffield Half Marathon delayed to September

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Events in Sheffield until the end of May have either been cancelled or postponed due to coronavirus.

Cancelled events include the Highland Fling at Graves Park and the Weston May Fayre at Weston Park, as well as the remainder of the Festival of the Outdoors.

The Sheffield Half Marathon, due to take place this Sunday, has been postponed until 27 September.

"Wherever possible we are postponing rather than cancelling events so that people can enjoy them at a later date, but this is not always possible, and as it's such a fast-moving situation there are no guarantees about dates in the future," said Cllr Mary Lea.

Traders who have paid to take part in Council-run events will be fully refunded. Museums and theatres across Sheffield have now closed as part of the lockdown, as well as all playgrounds and exercise facilities. Parks themselves remain open.

This year's Tramlines, beginning on 31 July at Hillsborough Park, is still due to go ahead.

Sam Gregory

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