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Cathedral Archer Project Homeless Covid-19 emergency appeal

Local small businesses and charities need your help.

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Some of the Printed By us staff are preparing to cover the shifts of our more vulnerable members to maintain some of the vital key worker cleaning contracts we deliver as part of the broader Just Works family, such as our cleaning service for our parent homeless charity, the Cathedral Archer Project.

The charity has been hit hard with a massive reduction in their own staff due to the need for many to self-isolate, which has reduced their service capacity.

The centre is currently one of the only spaces of support for vulnerable adults still open in Sheffield city centre. Opening times initially had to be reduced to three and a half hours a day, with service delivery strictly only for rough sleepers and those not in receipt of or eligible for benefits such as asylum seekers. They reduced the use of space to 30 people at one time to permit implementation of the required social distancing measures.

Subsequently, the project then reverted to a takeaway service for the remaining rough sleepers in the city as the Council took steps to accommodate the majority.

We are now playing a lead role in a multi-agency effort to feed the homeless and vulnerably-housed in the city, preparing over 100 hot meals a day, which are distributed to supported housing providers in the city.

With people being encouraged to remain at home and the need for many others to self-isolate, fundraising events have been cancelled, so the Cathedral Archer Project has seen a sharp decline in donations.

These are uncertain times for us all and the word 'unprecedented' is being bandied around a lot. Things are uncertain and things are certainly unprecedented. It is only by coming together as a species and a society that we can bounce back from this disaster.

Local small businesses and charities need your help. Shop local where possible and, even in these times of looking out for ourselves and panic buying, try to shop responsibly and give back to our most vulnerable. After all, they are the most at risk in this pandemic.

As a charity that depends on donated income for a significant proportion of its budget, any help that individuals are able to give to the CAP coronavirus fundraiser is greatly appreciated. From our Printed By us family to yours, we thank you for all your continued support.

We hope you all remain healthy and well and we look forward to seeing you all on the other side. ️

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