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Beer Central: A brand new beer column

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Welcome to Beer Central's first ever column in conjunction with our friends at Now Then. We'll be taking a monthly look at the beer scene, highlighting breweries, beers and events from Sheffield, the UK and across the globe. We hope you enjoy it.

If you're doing Dry January then we wish you the very best of luck. The end of the month is just around the corner and you'll soon be back on the beers! If you're having a go at Tryanuary instead, then thank you very much. We hope you've enjoyed trying new beers throughout the month. There's been some great brews and one or two Beer of the Year contenders already.


Each month we'll shine a light on a beer that we've had in the shop recently or a beer that we're looking forward to trying over the next few weeks. For January 2020, it's all about a beer from Norway and it's due in Sheffield in the coming week. Oslo's Amundsen Brewery has brewed some amazing beers over the last couple of years and they are rightly celebrated as one of Europe's best. Their Dessert in a Can range is particularly popular, with big sweet stouts that deliver on every level. Whisper this quietly, don't cause any fuss if you're reading this with others nearby, but their brand new Chocolate Peanut Butter Caramel Brownie Stout is on its way!


Tiny Rebel from Newport in South Wales continues to catch the eye of many of our customers, offering up a colourful range of cans that nail a load of different flavours. Want a Jam Doughnut beer? Tropical Milkshake IPA? Marshmallow Porter? These guys will have a go at anything and they usually deliver. February 2020 sees them celebrate their eighth birthday and they're putting together a special birthday beer box. Watch out for them arriving in Sheffield as February gets rolling. These are going to be very popular, a perfect Valentine's gift as well.


Back in our earlier drinking days, an annual highlight was a trip to the nearby Rotherham Real Ale & Music Festival. It moved to Magna a fair few years ago (2011, in fact), and after one or two gap years, it's back in all its glory for 2020. This year it runs from Thursday 27 February to Saturday 29 February and you can expect hundreds of beers, thousands of drinkers and a venue like no other. Start your planning now at

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