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ArtWorks Local not-for-profit raising money to help vulnerable people during lockdown

Remote workshops for adults with learning disabilities and autism continue during lockdown.

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Local not-for-profit arts organisation ArtWorks are working hard to provide remote support for a group of 60 adults with learning disabilities and autism during the current lockdown.

ArtWorks run daily art workshops and work placements to inspire their group to reach their full potential. In order to ensure safety for their service users, on Wednesday 18 March the decision was made to close the doors to their day centres until further notice. Since then, ArtWorks have remained determined to continue to support the adults who attend ArtWorks.

Arts Coordinator Emma Harnett said: "The reality is that many service users rely on our daily service, not only as a place to support their artistic growth, but as a social outlet and as care relief for their families.

"We wanted to make sure we could continue helping people remotely. We have sent weekly art activity packs to everyone and have a started running two online creative group sessions a day."

Artworks is also launching the official ArtWorks Patreon as a means of opening up the doors of their community to a larger crowd and raising funds to exhibit the artworks their group are creating.

"We want to create a safe place where our artists can connect, showcase their work, and share their passion outside of their immediate home environments. We hope the Patreon can help us achieve this.

"We do not want the decision to close our doors to affect the sense of community ArtWorks has cultivated over the years. By supporting the ArtWorks Patreon, you will be helping us to continue our important work as we navigate this difficult situation," Emma added.

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