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Arantza Pardo Show explores metaphysical themes through painting: 'The Unknown' also uses VR to immerse visitors in astrophysics

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Arantza Pardo. Photo by Yorkshire Artspace.

A new exhibition ventures into the world of astrophysics through painting and virtual reality technology.

The Unknown by Arantza Pardo runs until 27 October at Persistence Works, opposite The Rutland Arms.

The VR part of the show is a collaboration with Sheffield-based studio Virtual Pixel.

Our best theories of nature succeed by acknowledging their ignorance of truly fundamental scales

"I tried some attempts with animation, but I knew my paintings could be used to go further," said Pardo.

"We finally transported people to my painter's mind. The VR layers work as ideas and patterns that connect together - it's the same way that I create an abstract painting".

Pardo's first solo show in the UK is part of Yorkshire Artspace's 'Ways of Making' series.

The large paintings in the show visualise what lies beyond human perception.

"Our best theories of nature succeed by acknowledging their ignorance of truly fundamental scales," said Chris Shepherd, a researcher in particle physics at the University of Manchester.

"In this series of paintings, I sense the cosmic horror that lurks beyond these limitations - something unknown, and perhaps unknowable through the language of mathematics."

Pardo's work often explores mathematical and scientific themes including chaos theory.

Now based in Sheffield, Pardo studied for a Masters degree in painting between the University of Porto and Sheffield Hallam.

Free VR painting workshops will run alongside the exhibition on Saturdays.

by Sam Gregory (he/him)
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