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Andro & Eve New zine celebrates queer community across the North

Queer arts collective Andro and Eve have launched a new zine for the North in collaboration with designer Okocha Obasi.

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Sheffield-based arts organisation Andro and Eve have launched a new zine that celebrates and spotlights queer culture across the North.

Centre is a collaboration with graphic designer and founder of Racezine Collective Okocha Obasi, and includes creative works submitted by the LGBTQ+ community through open submissions."

The stories, poems and creative works in Centre are about things chosen by LGBTQ+ people living in the north of England that matter most to them," said creative producer Finn Warman.

"There’s something for everyone, with first person accounts, creative writing, drawings, recipes and pieces by artists Rikki Beadle Blair and Seleena Laverne Daye included."

Centre will go on sale through Andro and Eve's online shop on 1 October, with 50% of the profits given to Yorkshire’s Racial Justice Network.

The zine will be officially launched on 10 October with the virtual party titled A Reyt Queer Night In, a socially-distanced adaptation of the collective's popular A Reyt Queer Do events.

Celebrated drag king Christian Adore will perform alongside choreographer Darren Pritchard and a set from DJ Xzan. Anyone who pre-orders Centre will get a link to the DJ set, while tickets for the full launch party are available through Tickets For Good.

Andro and Eve say that Centre has been created in response to the pandemic, which has forced them to find new ways to reach the LGBTQ+ community.

"We’re excited to be producing something physical, a way to connect away from screen time, which feels important in these times of so much online activity," said Warman. "We can’t wait to share it with our community."

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