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Andro & Eve Centre: New LGBTQ+ zine calls out for contributors

A new zine is asking LGBTQ+ people in the north of England to share their untold stories for its debut edition this autumn.

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Andro and Eve, an organisation which celebrates queer culture in Yorkshire, have partnered with graphic designer and Leeds Arts University graduate Okocha Obasi to create Centre.

"I am super excited about working on Centre zine this year and I hope to do all the work featured justice," said Obasi. "Expect electrifying visuals, critical conversation, and of course, a very queer zine."

As well as working with the creators of Centre, Obasi founded the RACEZINE COLLECTIVE, whose aim is to platform creatives of colour.

The collective has produced projects including not-for-profit zines, performance events and infamous Leeds club night Tongue N Teeth.

Andro and Eve say they're particularly interested in stories of QTIBPOC. They have also specifically asked neurodiverse, deaf, and disabled members of the LQBTQIA community to submit pieces. However, stories from all LGBTQ+ backgrounds are welcome.

Andro and Eve have created the zine in response to the lack of pride events this year, which were set to take place in June. Coronavirus restrictions have seen all planned pride marches cancelled and replaced by virtual events.

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Andro and Eve.

“[We were] conscious that summer 2020 would be a strange one for the LGBTQ+ community,” said Andro and Eve.

“Centre will act as a method to connect people across the north of England and provide visibility and a voice to the LGBTQ+ community, particularly those often marginalised.”

Submissions can be in the form of letters, personal stories, recipes, interviews, art, comics, drawings, personal historical materials, prints, paintings, spoken word, intergenerational collaborations and short stories.

The deadline for submissions is 10 August. More information on how to submit work can be found at

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