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Ajanta's: Vegan Goodness

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I went to Ajanta's for the first time a few weeks ago, on the recommendation of a good friend who likes to eat out a lot. Their food is delicious and neither costs the Earth (it's all vegan) nor breaks the bank. We sat down for a natter with Ajanta herself to find out more about one of Abbeydale Road's newest eateries.

Firstly, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and why you opened Ajanta's?

I'm 24 and from Sheffield. My mum is Indian and my Dad's Irish. As I was growing up, my dad learnt to cook Punjabi food and fell in love with it. It actually made him go vegetarian. It is my favourite cuisine as well, and as I have a lot of experience working in restaurants, my dad and I decided to open something of our own so we can share our favourite home-cooked food with the community. We are also both passionate about health and animal welfare, so giving people the opportunity to try good, honest and healthy vegetarian and vegan food is really important to us.

You've recently made the move to a fully vegan menu. Why is this important to you?

Our menu was already 90% vegan, as a lot of Indian dishes are vegan and we had a lot of vegan customers so we just thought we'd go full vegan. Better for the animals, and the planet too!

Our menu is based on my grandmother's recipes

Where does the inspiration for your menu and dishes come from?

Our menu is based on all my grandmother's recipes.

What do you like most about having an independent business in Sheffield?

I love Sheffield and I'll always be so proud to be from here. It's amazing to have our family business playing a part in the community and we've met so many lovely people as a result. As Ajanta's grows, I want us to get more involved in events across Sheffield.

And finally, which dish would you recommend to someone visiting Ajanta's for the first time?

The dal! I'm addicted to it myself, and I know a few of our customers are.

Ajanta's Facebook here.

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