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A short guide to being vegan in Sheffield

Whether you’re a full-time vegan or just looking for great grub, we guide you towards some of the best independents in Sheffield. 

Increasing numbers of people are choosing to eat a more plant-based diet, or at least reduce their meat and dairy intake. Vegan food is no longer restrictive, boring and bland. In recent years it’s undergone a radical makeover, casting off outdated stereotypes.

With attitudes and menus constantly changing, choosing vegan food no longer feels like you’re making a sacrifice – and this is especially the case if you’re in Sheffield.

I’ve been seeking out some of the best independent vegan places our city has to offer. After the year we’ve all had, there’s no better time to treat ourselves and support the lovely vegan independents of Sheffield.

Blue Moon Cafe roasted aubergines

Blue Moon's Imam Bayildi.

Blue Moon Café

Located in the city centre next to the cathedral, Blue Moon Café was one of Sheffield’s first vegan and vegetarian cafés.

When they opened in 1995 they “wanted to provide a place for vegans, vegetarians and all food lovers to relax and enjoy good quality, locally sourced food, all handmade in our small kitchen.”

If you find yourself in the city centre, pop in and grab yourself a coffee and a slice of their vegan chocolate cake. It’s so good that the recipe has remained unchanged for over 25 years.

Since reopening after lockdown, Blue Moon have launched a new menu that you must try, including their Turkish-inspired Imam Bayildi, roasted aubergines in a rich tomato sauce.

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2 St James' Street, S1 2EW.

Dana cafe vegan breakfast

DANA's vegan Full English.


DANA café takes its name from the Sanskrit word for generosity. They live up to this moniker by giving any profits to charities they care about, or reinvesting them into the improvement of the café.

Not only do DANA have fantastic values, but they also serve delicious vegan and vegetarian food. Take a trip up to Crookes to enjoy their positive presence in the community. I highly recommend trying their best-selling vegetarian or vegan full English breakfast (pictured).

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214 Crookes, S10 1TG.

Saucy 2 fried chicken

Saucy's fried 'chicken'.

Saucy Vegan Fast Food

Created by the founders of the famed Make No Bones, Saucy is a 100% vegan fast food takeaway, opened in July 2020 when the pandemic first hit.

Their plan was “to offer a streamlined menu of vegan fast food focusing on those classic flavours of traditional takeaway foods, like burgers, fried chicken and fries, that also travelled well.”

This is vegan comfort food at its finest, but the best thing is that you don’t have to be vegan to enjoy it. They’ve had many customers order the fried chicken and absolutely love it – without realising that it was completely vegan.

You can get Saucy delivered to your door via Deliveroo and CityGrab, or pop down to them on Abbeydale Road and pick it up yourself.

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705 Abbeydale Road, S7 2BE.

V OR V dish



Before V|OR|V (Vegan, Organic and Vegetarian) came along, Sheffield was lacking a quality offering for those looking for a plant-based dining experience.

Their aim was to create “a great evening dining experience with a menu that was fully vegetarian and mostly vegan, while also giving a little back and using sustainable businesses that have an environmental focus when creating their product. A little bit of guilt free fun!”

V|OR|V, Sheffield’s first plant-based licensed evening restaurant located in the heart of Kelham Island, has an exciting menu that changes regularly with the seasons, so they can make the most of produce when it’s at its best.

Their menu mainly consists of small plates which they encourage people to share so they can try a little bit of everything.

One must-try dish is the incredible Korean fried celeriac (pictured). At weekends you can also sample their fresh and delicious brunch, which goes down a storm. With a unique venue, brilliant ambience and even better food, V|OR|V is well worth a look-in.

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Wharncliffe Works, Green Lane, S6 3AF.

A few honourable mentions...

Pom is an Aussie-inspired vegetarian and vegan cafe on Sharrow Vale Road with an ever-changing and highly imaginative menu.

Olive & Joy now has permanent residence in Dyson Place, just off Sharrow Vale Road. Try one of their iconic ‘doughnots’.

Icarus and Apollo serve up a variety of healthy and delicious vegan and vegetarian street food at Steel Yard, inspired by the owner’s travels around the world.

If you have been missing a McDonald’s Sausage and Egg McMuffin, Gaard have got you covered with their plant-based recreation of the classic. You will not be able to tell the difference...

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