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Late Night Tales, the record label which encourages artists to uncover their tastes, made the excellent choice of assigning the Canadian quartet BadBadNotGood to the task, who have compiled a seamless playlist with exceptional flow. You hardly notice the transition from one track to the next, resulting in a calming and peaceful work of art.

The album begins with the gentle drones of Boards of Canada, moving swiftly into the upbeat yet calm Brazilian vibes of Erasmo Carlos. This track sets the tone for BadBadNotGood’s global mix, featuring artists from Estonia, Ghana, France and more. This compilation makes it clear why the group have been so regularly championed by Gilles Peterson, since it sounds not too dissimilar to one of his 6Music shows. Stereolab’s track ‘The Flower Called Nowhere’ feels mysterious, like the sepia air of a Wes Anderson film, and is followed in a quirky way by Kiki Gyan’s gentle disco. The simplicity of Donnie and Joe Emerson’s track ‘Baby’ makes you feel warm and could put you straight to sleep.

The wide selection covered in this release shows that four heads are better than one. The group have compiled a truly splendid album of reflection. The quality of the work comes full circle, with a gravelly storytelling by singer, poet, writer and actress Lydia Lunch. Listeners will undoubtedly be sent into a long and satisfying slumber.

Jennifer Martino

by Now Then Sheffield