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Morley's Fun Page

What is Capitalism?

Is capitalism typing internet comments without ever releasing the shift key to unlock the power of shouting in the written word? No.

Kropotkin's Crab

"Oh, no, uh... Peter Kropotkin was a naturalist and anarchist philosopher from the 19th century and he saw a crab here in 1882..."

The Fun Police Have Arrived

The Politics of Offence Where has all this politics of offence come from? What happened to all the good old days, when social change wasn't …

Please try your best this month

How can you have self-doubt when your locus of responsibility is placed in a Tesla car and fired at the moon?

Encrusted Data For Future Generations

THE ORBJust let us be governed by machines. A huge, sentient, clicking orb sat atop a mountain with hulking tendrils of wires sliding down i…

Brain News For Crenellated Minds

HE'S DONE IT AGAINIt's 2:05pm and I'm wandering the Tate Modern looking for a sharpener I left here when I came in earlier to use the toilet…