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The hostile environment has no place in the NHS

Racism in healthcare is leading to reduced vaccine uptake amongst racially minoritised communities. We can start decolonising healthcare by ending the legacy of denying care to migrants in the UK.

Inside the Sheffield Race Equality Commission

Kevin Hylton, Chair of the Sheffield Race Equality Commission, tells us about what the commission is doing and why – and how people in Sheffield can get involved.

Pupils talk about seeking sanctuary

A new project welcomes refugees and asylum seekers to Sheffield schools, helping children learn about their lives and what it's like to seek asylum far from home.

ADIRA hosts second Black Mental Health Live event

Black Mental Health Live Unmuted will explore young people’s takes on intersectional topics like masculinity and LGBTQ+ issues, in association with Sheffield Flourish and SHSC, this Thursday.

Coloniality in the NHS – A Call for Change

This year has highlighted both the importance of the NHS and our society’s deep structural racism. The NHS is itself not immune to racism, which stems from Britain’s colonial past.